100 Days : Day 3

Today will be a wash but a productive and well needed one. I'm realizing I still can accomplish tasks and be productive without having an objective for the day. 

I knew that I wanted to relax for most of today and that mission was accomplished.

In some other notes, I'm starting to mentally create an "editors guide" for what content I'll permit myself to post and what details are needed. I have specifically avoided any companies or products which has made it a bit more challenging to discuss some of the accomplishments. I prefer it this way because I don't want to endorse these products in my accomplishments. I might recommend or create some overviews on what I explored but I don't want there to be an expectation I will become a source for reviews of products and software. 


I slept quite poorly but was productive in the early morning.

  • Found some new software for photo/video management that appears to work really well. I've struggled to index the files I've taken over the years and I'm becoming the photo repository for my family making it even more crucial I am able to locate photos.
    • I'm currently evaluating different options for network attached storage. I've collected 800GB of photos and have 2TB of cloud storage but know I'll run out of space soon. Finding a good software for managing and searching the files is a key step in moving towards building or buying a NAS. There are a few prebuilt options that have excellent design and would be less of a hassle to manage, but right now the price is the limiting factor. I've got a few old servers I can ressurect to test out some of the software and workflows without having to spend any money and that will probably end up on the accomplishments soon.
  • I'm continuing to verify and make sure all of my emails are coming across and that my documents are moved from my old account. I think I've gotten the emails figured out.
    • I'm learning a lot during this transition process. I know a lot of new software and processes as a result and these tools will be helpful if I ever encounter a weird scenario again. Its been a bit painful to move and the software to migrate should be easily available but I'm sure I'm not the only person who has thought of writing it.
      • I /might/ write something in the future and publish it under a free/open source license to help transition. I can at least create a few checklists that are product specific to help with this migration for others.


I'm bad at eating 3 meals a day. I had 3 meals planned and consumed which is an accomplishment. I need to cook for myself more, but I will consider it a good milestone if I can eat 3 meals.


3 day no income streak! If I hit 5 days, I think I'll have to laugh it off and reset my goals. However, I know I go back to work on Monday and I'm not too concerned with those days.

Current Standings:

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This article was updated on Saturday, September 12, 2020