100 Days : Day 4

Ending this Sunday by writing the rest of this post on Monday. This is going to be a crazy week if Sunday gives me anything to work with. 


  • I use a password manager and I forget about a lot of the accounts I have. I'm taking the time to move this into the routine category and determine how I want to manage it. 
    • Also a good time to evaluate accounts and ensure if two-factor authentication is available, I take the time to turn it on and ensure I have the backup codes in a safe location. 
    • This will eventually be a routine, as it is crucial for my personal internet security. I'll probably write a long post about the procedure and make it easy for others to follow and list out various accounts on platforms with their various security features. (There may already be sites for this, and this will be part of the discovery process.)


  • Walked my dogs for a long walk. They usually do a lot better to have a long walk every couple of days and a short walk the other days. This will work for my new busy schedule and I'm hoping that I don't get lazy and use the walk as a time to disconnect and relax.
  • Starting to write next day's post before I go to bed so that I can wake up and look at the goals I want to set, and if I accomplish them, write more notes and publish. It keeps me thinking one day ahead and remembering routines over time.


  • I posted earlier about migrating my email. I was too lax on evaluating the changeover and I ended up making my emails sent from that account end up in spam folders or be outright rejected by various mail providers. I've got a few steps to remediate this and plan to have this resolved by next Sunday.
  • Yikes, day 4, no cash so far... luckily I will make money tomorrow although it won't hit my bank account for few days

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This article was updated on Tuesday, September 22, 2020