100 Days : Day 5

Today was a lot of pre-planning in the morning and hours of work in the evening. Monetarily, I did a lot better but didn't have as much luck on accomplishing tasks.  

Today is Monday, September 14th. I think it will be key to keep track of time beyond the "day X" and keep me aligned with a rhythm of the week. 

December 19th (100th day) is a Saturday. Each day that passes is one less Monday that I am going to complete.


None of note, although did put in ~8 hours of work. 


Went to the store to purchase a few items in bulk to ensure that I won't have to visit again for those items for a while. I prefer this method of shopping for some items, but perishable items and expensive items I try to only purchase when absolutely necessary.


I don't think anything today stood out as a remarkable failure, but it certainly wasn't the best the day could have gone. I should have spent more time studying or working on school projects. Time management is going to be crucial in these coming days and I hope that I can buckle down when I need to.

I missed the financial goal, but only by a little. The numbers I'm working with aren't precise as I haven't taken the time to calculate the take home pay at work, so I could be surprised to find I met the goal when paychecks arrive.

Current Standings:

~$90 (pending paycheck, numbers are estimates)

This article was updated on Monday, September 14, 2020