100 Days : Day 7

One week in, I'm doing okay. Progress is slow, but I'm feeling more optimistic about the next 93 days ahead. I have a better understanding of my time management and prioritization and potentially have started new routines that are good long term.

Today is Wednesday, September 16th.


I completed a ton of tasks at my job, which felt incredible. A couple of employees called off and I had to fill in for some of the work that they would normally do. It confirms something I already know, which is that I like to be kept busy and if I can find a way to start one task, I can usually accomplish more. 


In the category of time management, I started putting all of my work schedules and events in the calendar instead of flying by the seat of my pants. It will help me prepare for the day ahead, and recognize scheduling conflicts much faster. 


I wanted to start charting the pay, but I ended up procrastinating. I justified it to myself because I wanted to "wait until the paycheck" which is somewhat valid, but doesn't prevent me from doing the work of setting up the chart. 

Current Standings:

~$300/$10,000 (pending paycheck)

This article was updated on Wednesday, September 16, 2020