100 Days : Day 8

Responsibilities are stacking up, but I'm still holding steady for now. I'm starting to feel incredibly strained, but I'm working to refine the schedule and make it so that I allocate time to relax. (Which is an odd statement.)

Today is Thursday, September 17th.


Well I worked a lot and was productive during work, but I don't have any major accomplishments (personal) as a result.


I took my dogs on a walk, despite being exhausted. 


I'm exhausted. This is a carry-over from yesterday because I didn't sleep enough. I'm hoping that I can find a good routine, but trying to juggle all my responsibilities, I'm worried that I'll sacrifice sleep instead of trying to prioritize sleep or say no to more activities. 

Current Standings:

~$350/$10,000 (pending paycheck)

This article was updated on Tuesday, September 22, 2020